What is the AeroGarden?

An AeroGarden is the combination of country meets city or winter meeting summer... It provides the ability to grow garden fresh produce without the conventional garden, at any time of the year and without the need for a lot of space or any sun.

The AeroGarden is a lesson in simplicity. Anyone, even those who have had the reputation for killing every plant they have owned can grow just about anything that can be grown in a conventional garden. By using a technique called aeroponics (growing plants in the air without the use of soil), which is where it gets its name from, you simply add water when it alerts you and add nutrients every two weeks (all included with each seed kit). No soil to mess with, far less chance of your plants getting diseases and no weeds getting in the way. And most importantly, the right amount of fresh produce right at your finger tips without the hassle of leftover bulk bundles from the store that go bad.

The simple display on the front of each unit alerts you when it needs nutrients and water as well as controls the amount of light (sun) the plants get based on what you are growing.

The Control Panel

Outside of the water and nutrients the only other thing you need to do is adjust the arm to a higher level as your plants grow taller and taller. It really is that simple.

There are several different models available that I will break down for you here to eliminate any confusion.

AeroGarden 7 (Also availalbe in Extra):

The largest model offered with 7 pods, 2 grow bulbs and a water pump system that pumps water over the plant roots.

This model replaced the Aerogarden 6 which uses a completely different mechanism for keeping the water loaded with oxygen.

The AeroGarden 7 has an optional "Extra" model that allows the arm to extend 24 inches instead of the standard 12 inches. The "Extra" also delivers twice as much light using 3 grow lights instead of 2. Finally the "Extra" includes what is called a trellis system. The trellis system allows the taller growing plants a means of being more stable as they grow.

AeroGarden 6:

Nearly the same dimensions, the AeroGarden 6 has 6 pods, 2 grow bulbs but the main difference from the 7 is the system inside. The AeroGarden 6 uses what they call the Advanced Growing System, which is an aeration system instead of a water pump. It produces bubbles beneath the water to keep it oxygenated and prevents the water from becoming stagnant. It uses the same control panel as all the other models.

At one point the AeroGarden was available in the AeroGarden Elite + which was basically the AeroGarden 7 "Extra" but with one less pod.

AeroGarden 3:

  The smallest of the models, about the size of a coffee maker. It has 3 pods and uses the same growing system as the AeroGarden 6 (aeration system, see the AeroGarden 6 description). It is equiped with 1 light that is more then adequate for this small unit. Perfect for smaller areas.