(06/22/11) So many hot peppers I may do a business venture with the lemonade stand girl in the neighborhood

posted Jun 22, 2011, 8:15 AM by Mindless Gardener   [ updated Jun 22, 2011, 12:04 PM ]
So fine, maybe I did plant too many pepper plants for one person to utilize. It is starting to look that way when there are so many hot peppers about to be ripe for the picking in around two weeks (not to mention the hot peppers coming from the AeroGarden already). So maybe I will open a stand next to the little lemonade girl on the block. It will be a great marketing tactic. Have someone try one of the peppers, set their mouth on fire and she will swoop right in with "Wanna buy some lemonade?" It is fool proof! They would probably buy it at a premium price with the right pepper. 

So yeah, the hot pepper plants are cruising towards the sky. The original pot planted has plants that have exceeded the 4 foot stakes. Of course when I was buying the four foot stakes I was looking at them like they won't get much bigger then that... Well it looks like they may very well get far bigger. The Serrano peppers are in the lead for producing the most, upwards of 15 peppers on the plant so far. At least half have reached their full size, just waiting on the green to turn to red. I am thinking of cutting a green one off since the ones you get in the store are generally green. Once they turn red though, they pack a much bigger punch. It is mostly for my own knowledge in how they compare. 

Just one of the many Serrano peppers

There also loads of Red Cherry Hot Peppers which are bigger then I expected and grow in a different way, upside down. 

The upside down growing Red Cherry Hot Peppers

The Cayenne Long Red peppers are longer then I expected and each one that is growing has taken its own shape. Some of them are really doing some funky things. 

Fun shaped Cayenne Long Red Peppers

The Jalapeño plant in this pot is just starting to produce peppers and the Caribbean Red Hot plant is growing taller but still not producing anything as of yet. As for the second smaller pot, while the Caribbean Red Hot plant is also not producing anything as of yet, the Jalapeño plant is..

Figures the Jalapeño in the smaller pot that was planted later is producing fruit faster then the other Jalapeño plant

The Cherry Bomb peppers are growing just like the Red Cherry Hot peppers, upside down. The Cherry Bomb plant had a bit of an incident after a storm which bent it over completely. I hadn't start using the stakes that I put in the pots when I planted them as the plants had grown around them getting naturally intertwined but I guess it was time to start.

The Red Cherry Hot Peppers growing upside down

Here are the latest pictures of the pots themselves:

Smaller Pot, just over one month of progress (June 20, 2011 on the left, May 17, 2011 on the right)

Larger pot, just under two months of progress (June 20, 2011 on the left, April 26, 2011 on the right)