(05/17/11) Three Weeks and Counting... My have they grown.

posted May 17, 2011, 12:32 PM by Mindless Gardener   [ updated May 17, 2011, 2:36 PM ]
Well three weeks later, an additional pot of three hot pepper plants, about a half dozen strawberries eaten and one traumatic incident involving a storm and a bent over tomato plant... Here is the update.

New Small Pepper Pot:
Nothing too special to talk about here. Two of the hot pepper plants that are in this pot are in the other hot pepper pot. Up in the front and center is the insanely hot Caribbean Red Hot plant. Super small like the other one was/is when first planted so we probably won't see much from it for a couple months. But when we do, these are the peppers that pack the heat, upwards of 400,000 Scoville. On the right hand side is another Jalapeño plant. You really can't have enough of these and I simply use them all the time as they go with everything. On the left hand side is a Cherry Bomb pepper plant. Named right after the way the pepper itself looks, it is a new one for me. Apparently it is a fantastic pepper to pickle. It is a little lower then the heat produced by a Jalapeño at about a maximum of 5,000 Scoville.

Strawberry Plants:
Well, about 8 little strawberries have been harvested from this plant but man has it been growing new leaves. As of late, it has grown out lots of runners that look like this:

Since my plants are growing in a pot and have no desire for sister plants I have been simply cutting them off. No reason to waste the plants energy on something that won't fit in the pot. The strawberries have been very sweet and tasty although pretty small.

I have noticed a great deal of tiny, what look to be fruit flies. I had to pay a visit to the nursery to get some fruit and vegetable spray at which point I was told that it is very common and had no reason to be alarmed. When I expressed concern about how long did I have to stop spraying Here is the pot as it is now, three weeks in... 

Tomato Plants:
These three plants have grown the most out of the bunch. I thought I was going to lose one of them after a strong storm blew through and I found the plant bent over in half. Luckily, the point where it was bent over was still whole and didn't break open. At that point I taped each one to the stakes so something like that would never happen again.

Here are the three most recent pictures (current on the left, 3 weeks ago on the right)... Amazing growth so far. I guess they love that 


Principe Borghese


Pepper Pot (Older One):
Not much to say about these guys but that they are growing. So far, so good... I was very surprised to see the Serrano pepper plant has already decided to produce a pepper. Surprising since a Serrano pepper is a pretty big pepper and it is on pretty small plant.