(06/20/11) Help! The Tomato Plants Have Taken Over My Deck

posted Jun 20, 2011, 3:06 PM by Mindless Gardener
Having grown things on my deck nearly every year, I have never had three tomato plants growing at once and to that point have never had tomato plants grow this big. I was thinking when I put just two 6 foot stakes in each of these pots that would be more than enough. I even chuckled to myself looking at the tiny plant next to the 6 foot stake thinking "that is a bit of overkill." Unfortunately the stakes are crying mercy as the tomato plants over come them and one of the tomato plants has a stem that has reached the height of the stake. 

I continue to wrap a ribbon style twine around the ever growing branches to prevent them from flopping over with the growing weight of the branches. It is turning into an 2nd job with how many I keep putting on and taking off. The plants have just taken over and are going in whatever direction they want, including sideways.

My neighbors continue to awe at my deck and I constantly get the question "What are you feeding those plants?" I almost feel bad for my one neighbor who planted his tomato plant the exact same weekend I planted mine... His is half the height. I catch him looking over at my deck with a look of jealousy and possible bitterness. I may start getting concerned that all the other neighbors with tomato plants may have a sudden mood change that goes from calm jealousy to irritated jealousy which causes acts of violence towards my happy plants. I am kidding, my neighbors wouldn't do that... Well... Let's hope not... 

Nothing has started turning red yet but it shouldn't be long. One of my tomato plants had a close call (well it frightened me). Being someone who has delt with blight one season, it always makes me nervous when I start seeing spots on yellowing leaves from the base of the plant. Two weeks ago it started spreading up relatively rapidly over the course of four days. Enough to make me chop off a branch, run over to the nursery where I was given a fungus and early blight spray and was told not to worry. Needless to say, two applications of that and all seems well.

I have noticed some growth cracks on just a couple tomatoes as well as a couple tomatoes with catface. Not concerned about it yet as it is on the very first few tomatoes and could likely be caused by the rapid growth they have gone through the last month. The newer tomatoes still look good. Something to keep an eye on though.

In the last week, since the dirt had seemed to settle since I planted I decided to add more manure and organic potting soil with a bunch of 10-10-10 fertilizer as a means of doing my first round of adding nutrients. Mixed it all up ahead of time in a bucket and threw it on top. Outside of that, just water on them once a day and the once weekly spray of an organic tomato pest spray. 

So here are the current pictures, just under two months since planting. Since I was so entertained about the growth of these guys in the last post I will include the beginning picture next to the current picture... 

 Principe Borghese (7.5 Weeks, click here to see some of the tomatoes)

Carmello (7.5 Weeks, click here to see some of the tomatoes)

Celebrity (7.5 Weeks, click here to see some of the tomatoes)