(04/21/11) The Good and The Bad

posted Apr 21, 2011, 7:46 AM by Mindless Gardener   [ updated Apr 27, 2011, 1:11 PM ]
Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Six pods, no signs of life after nearly two weeks. The labels says "1-3 Days" to sprout. This doesn't look like a good sign. But all of them? Doesn't that just seem odd? I picked up the phone to call AeroGarden as I have always seen and heard the guarantee...

"We guarantee that your seed kits will germinate. If for any reason they don't, contact us and we'll rush you a new kit (or appropriate seed pods)."

But I never actually had to test it out. I mean, all six didn't sprout. It was probably my fault. I probably filled the tank with poison not water... Who knows. After a couple questions from a very friendly representative and looking up my previous order before I knew it I had an email in my inbox before we completed the phone call that showed my replacement order, no charge, no shipping. Awesome. Bravo AeroGarden.

He seemed to think since I had purchased this seed kit through the Outlet store (which by the way does not exist anymore) it was probably older and thus, most likely the problem. No matter, I was getting a brand new kit shortly so lights out for this unit, drain the poison, I mean, the water from the tank and wait a couple days till the package arrives.