(06/19/11) The First Hot Pepper Harvested from the AeroGarden

posted Jun 17, 2011, 12:56 PM by Mindless Gardener   [ updated Jun 19, 2011, 8:10 PM ]
It may have been one of the smaller ones on the plant but it was bright red and ready to be eaten. The Red Fire pepper was picked two days ago and consumed shortly there after. 

Since it was pretty small I sliced it up, ate two by themselves... I mean, you need to know exactly how hot every pepper is. :-) And yes, that logic with hot peppers has hurt me a couple times in life. Anyway, what remained was thrown in with some guacamole that was being made that night as an appetizer to dinner. 

So the verdict... The small ones always catch you by surprise. While no Habanero or Caribbean Red Hot, they are substantially more spicy then a Jalapeño and would say they are more spicy then your typical Serrano pepper but not by too much. Once I had it sliced it looked exactly like what you would see in a Thai restaurant if you asked for additional spicy peppers on the side. You know the ones that come in the oil?

Good stuff no matter what. And more are coming in the near future. I also noticed that a couple of the Purple Super Hots are starting to lighten in color. In my original post for this Aerogarden blog, I stated they were ripe when purple. I did a little research since a few of mine were losing their purple color and come to find out they have quite a bit of changes still to go through. A Purple Super Hot ripen to yellow, then orange, and finally come to full ripe when they are scarlet red. So I can only assume mine are going for the yellow stage...

A couple of the mini Jalapeños are near the ripe stage as well... Anyway, here are the latest pictures from this weekend:

June 17, 2011 (Raised the light 10 days ago and the Red Fires are already reaching for the light)

Some of the Jalapeños that are growing on one of the plants

Two more Jalapeños on the back plant... One of which is going to be picked shortly.

Some of the Red Fires, one of which is about to hit my cutting board.

The Purple Super Hot Clan.