(06/08/11) It's Official... All six plants have peppers!

posted Jun 8, 2011, 6:06 AM by Mindless Gardener
Well, I have been waiting on the last Jalapeño plant for what feels like forever and now finally it is official, all six plants have peppers growing on them. The Jalapeño plants are the lowest yielding at this point but never the less the total count of peppers across the board is just silly. So far (and these are estimates as once you start counting peppers in a small area you start saying to yourself... "did I count you already?") we have just under 30 Red Fires, 4 Jalapeños, and just under 20 Purple Super Hots. It has taken just under three months to get here but looks like payday is coming shortly. 

As for caring for them over the last two weeks, not much has changed. Daily watering, daily shaking of each plant to help pollinate them, and of course the cleanup of all the leaves and flowers that fall. Very little trimming has had to go on. A couple days ago the lamp was raised to the next level. In the upcoming week, it looks like it may be time to add more of the trellis system supports for the Purple Super Hots. 

On a side note, for anyone starting out with a pepper seed kit, plant the Purple Super Hots up front and the rest of the plants in the back. It doesn't say this anywhere in the instructions but at least with mine, the Purple Super Hots are the smallest plants of the bunch... Smallest trunk coming out of the pod, thinnest branches, etc. It makes it easier if the smaller plants are in front especially if you use the Power Grow Light Booster.

Now for the picture updates:

June 7, 2011 (This is with the light being raised a couple days ago)

Just a few of the Red Fires.

Purple Super Hots anyone... These are just a few from one of the two plants.

A pretty sizable Jalapeño.

The last plant to pollinate, if you look carefully you will see the two little tiny Jalapeños growing.