I love cooking with fresh herbs, having a crisp piece of lettuce on my sandwich, having a pepper at bay to whip up some salsa... You see where I am going. But, I hate having to go to the store just to buy a large bunch of herbs or a big bag of lettuce when I only need 1/4 of what they sell you for $2 and up before it goes bad. While during the summer this isn't as big of a deal since I am blessed with a deck that gets nearly a full day of sunshine (don't hate me), during the winter you simply can't grow anything outdoors which makes me a slave to the produce section at the grocery store. Enter the AeroGarden... A simple little machine that makes even the person who kills every plant they have owned an amazing gardener. This site talks about experiences with it and random other garden related items.

What is the AeroGarden?
An AeroGarden is the combination of country meeting city and vice versa... It provides the ability to grow garden fresh produce without the conventional garden year round.

AeroGarden Glog
That is right, I said Glog (Grow Log). It seemed more appropriate.A day to day reporting of experiences with the indoor garden to help others who have an itchy green thumb and for whatever reason are not able to have a flourishing outdoor garden year round.

Tips, Tools and What Not
Why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from others mistakes.

The Outdoor Deck Garden
If you enjoy gardening then there is no resisting the fun of outdoor gardening even with an AeroGarden in the house. We can still make some room for it here.

Well with growing produce comes cooking... Here are some ideas when you run into the situation of having too much and needing to use what you have grown.